• Peter Yawitz

Prepare Prework For Premeetings

Presently a preponderance of even preeminent people prattle on about “pre-approving a pre-plan and pre-notifying pre the pre-screen.” This presumably pressingly prevalent and predominant preprogramming is preposterous.

A preferable precedent is to prevent and preempt them from “pre-announcing” with a “pre-read” to get “pre-buy-in.” It isn’t pretty.

Can this be prevented? Precisely how prescriptive I can be is a predicament. Be prewarned: I can’t pretend not to be prejudiced, yet don’t want to prejudge or be pretentious.

Predictably my precept and premise presuppose:

  1. preference for precision

  2. preview prerequisite

  3. precipitous loss of prewords

Presto! You’ve prepared an unprecedented presentation.


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