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How Can I Get My Friends To Rate My Book 5 Stars?

Dear Someone Else’s Dad,

I just published my first book and want to ask my friends and colleagues to give me five-star ratings on Amazon.  Do you think it would be too pushy for me to ask them directly, or do you think I should subtly threaten them with 1) the prospect of a negative comment about them or their families on social media or 2) bodily harm if they don’t promote my book?

By the way, I love your advice.  I feel as if I know you.

Thanks, First-Time Author

Dear First-Time Author,

This is a great question. I guess the best incentive to get your friends and colleagues to click on a link like this one for example,, click the fifth star, and type something simple like, “This is truly the most amazing book I’ve read in a long time!”would be that they could eventually be associated with a potential best-selling author. Bragging rights work well on Instagram, especially if you or your wife are influencers. You could also add a cash incentive, but I’m not sure about the morals there to tell you the truth. As for threats you mentioned: could be worth a try though I’ve only seen it in politics.

Maybe you can do something fun like make your question a blog post. Just a thought.

Best of luck with the book!


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