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I'm peter yawitz

And I really am someone else’s dad.

Advice from Someone Else’s Dad fuses everything I’ve done by presenting humorous and useful business advice to young global workers who want to make sure they put the best version of themselves forward.


I’m a native New Yorker and have had a successful career as a consultant advising global executives and teams on how to communicate effectively.  I travel extensively and love conducting sessions with younger generations who ask me about how to deal with challenging work and interpersonal situations.  Most of those sessions turn into a mixture of a lot of practical advice and a big laugh fest.


I am also an award-winning songwriter and musical comedian, who hosts many benefits and fundraisers.  I received an undergrad degree from Princeton and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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a little credit for a lot of great folks!

Written & Directed by Peter Yawitz

Cinematography & Editing

FlashFilm Media

Theme Song

Peter Lurye & Peter Yawitz 

Feature Performers:

Brenda Bazan

Shaunna Black

Phillip Brown

Ryan Johnson

Danny Nguyen

Devin Northrip

Joella Phillip

Ruby Robledo

Samantha Walker

Gabriella Wisdom

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