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Do I Have To Buy a Raffle Ticket For My Boss's Kid's School?

Updated: May 21, 2021

Dear Someone Else’s Dad,

My manager sent out a blast email asking everyone to buy $10 tickets to her son’s middle school raffle. Now she’s highlighting the individuals that gave money in another blast email, which I see as blast shame for those of us who a) don’t have the money, and b) could really care less about her kid’s school. Am I reading too much into this?


Cheap Chuck

Dear CC,

In the olden days people would go desk to desk with order forms and pens at the ready, making it really hard to say no. “Corey’s school is raising money for new computers, so how many rolls of gift wrap do you want, and how many $5 raffle tickets do you want to buy? The prize is a Sharp OZ-8000 Wizard, which makes your Rolodex obsolete.” I don’t know what they’re raffling off today, but sign me up if it whatever it is makes the Sharp OZ-8000 Wizard obsolete.

You aren’t under any obligation to donate to the kid’s school, but should weigh a few things:

  1. If you buy a $10 ticket now, and if the prize seems interesting, you can be off the hook the next times you’re asked.

  2. Find out if the school is using the money to fund scholarships or a peace mission or if it’s using it to buy kids cool iPhone covers or send kids to a fun-filled week in Cancun.

  3. If it’s a private school and you want your kids to go there, give generously and when the time comes, tell the interviewer how you have history of supporting the school financially.

  4. If you went to a rival school, do not give unless option 3 also applies.

Let me know if you want a free Sharp OZ-8000 Wizard and a roll of Home Alone 2 Christmas wrap. I’ll cover the delivery cost.



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