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Can I decide if a job interview is worth my time?

Dear Someone Else’s Dad,

I was just recruited for a job, which I’m very qualified for and might enjoy. When the hiring manager called me to set up an interview I asked him to tell me more about what my role would be so I could decide whether it was worth my while to drive 20 miles for the meeting. He told me only a little bit more about the job, then said that he didn’t think it was a fit. I felt I didn’t get a fair shot. Your thoughts?



Dear Puzzled,

I’ll cut to the chase. You never should have told the hiring manager that you wanted to decide whether it was worth your while to come in. The long drive plus the interview may have cut into your valuable time, but if you want to be considered for a position you need to demonstrate enthusiasm and flexibility. There are too many other qualified candidates that will make that time sacrifice and the manager probably viewed your comment as indifference.

If you legitimately had a problem getting to the interview- childcare issues, broken leg, bad hair day--you should have focused on a time that would have worked for both of you.

Best of luck,


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